How To Setup For An Awesome Trainiac Live Group Training Session

April 30, 2020

Our expert trainers personally design each Live Group Training session to give you a balanced workout with little to no equipment. These workouts are meant to be a complement to the program designed for you by your trainer. If you enjoy Live Group Training, talk to your trainer about including these as a part of your weekly schedule!

5 Tips for an Awesome Live Group Training  Experience

#1 - Sign up for your session - Signing up for a live session lets your trainer know what you’re planning to do so he or she can ensure you have a balanced workout split for the week. Want to include the Live Group Training in your weekly routine? Not sure how many to do each week? Your Trainiac trainer will guide you in your fitness routine and help you prioritize what makes sense for your goals. 

#2 - Be ready to workout - Think of these classes like a class or a session at the gym! Before the class, you need to get changed into your workout clothes, get your water bottle and set your space up. If it's your first class with a trainer, we recommend joining the Zoom session a few minutes early to meet the trainer and make sure your audio and video are set up correctly.

#3 - Optimize your viewing experience - Live Group Training sessions are held on Zoom. You can join the Zoom live session from your phone, your laptop, or cast onto a smart TV. We like to join from our laptop or cast onto a TV for the best viewing experience. To join from your laptop, open the desktop app and type in the Live Group Training meeting ID available in the Trainiac app. Pro Tip: If you really love a group fitness experience, once you're in the Zoom session, go to the top right corner and click on "Gallery View" to see everyone working out together on your screen!

#4 - Show your video (or not!) - To show your video or not to show your video... the age old question. It's up to you and what makes you comfortable. Showing your video allows the trainer to see your form and hold your accountable to the workout. Whether or not you show your video, you'll still get a great workout in!

#5 - Set up your Apple Watch - To sync your Apple Health data to share with your trainer, be sure to start a "HIIT Workout" on your Apple Watch at the start of the workout. Remember to stop the workout on your watch afterwards so it imports your workout data for your trainer to review.

How do I sign up?

  1. Open the Trainiac app 
  2. Go to the 'Workout' tab
  3. Scroll down to the Live Group Training section
  4. Click the “Sign Up” link on the class you want to attend 

How much does it cost?

Live Group Training is included in your Trainiac membership at no additional cost to you. 

Where do classes take place?

All live sessions are hosted through Zoom. You can join by clicking the Zoom link in Live Group Training details or entering the Meeting ID on the Zoom site. See Tip #2 above for optimizing your viewing experience. 

What equipment do I need?

All live sessions are personally designed by the trainer leading it to be done with the most common home workout equipment like a set of dumbbells, a resistance band and a mat. 

What if I’m not a Trainiac member?

Live sessions are currently only available to Trainiac members. If you’re interested in trying out a class, sign up for our trial which includes 2 weeks of personalized workouts and live classes completely free. 

Why does Trainiac provide Live Group Training?
It’s another tool in the toolbelt to stay active and build out a habit of fitness. Live Group Training sessions, although not customized to you, are great to add motivation, meet with the community, and mix things up!