Trainer Spotlight: Geoff Tripp

April 8, 2018

With over a decade’s worth of exercise programming experience, Geoff brings his passion for health and fitness to Trainiac. Over the years, he’s learned that a well-designed exercise program gets results, and that there's no room for a cookie cutter approach. He is excited to develop programming for Trainiac that will produce results for each client. Geoff spends his free time training for Ultra Marathons and lives in the small mountain town of Winthrop, Washington.

What sparked your interest in personal training?

I have always been very active and enjoyed health and fitness so out of pure passion I studied exercise science in college and received my BS in Exercise Science with a minor in Sport Psychology from Western Washington University.  I was drawn into the exercise science world when I started to get into mountain bike racing. I read every text book about training and racing, but felt that I needed a deeper understanding of how my body is adapting to the training I was doing.  

I studied for my first certification in exercise science even before I went to WWU. I guess I have always had a desire to learn about exercise science and help lead others down a healthier path, one that includes exercise, healthy lifestyle habits and ultimately a better quality of life.

How long have you been a personal trainer?

15 years

Do you have any weird, funny, or interesting stories you could share with us from your years as a personal trainer? We would love to hear about it.

I have seen so many crazy things happen in the gym over the years, from trainer fails at exercises to people falling off treadmills.  But the funniest moments are the ones people often overlook. I always tell my clients to look the part, be ready to exercise, if you look good, you will feel better.  

So a 78 year old male I was training shows up for his 5th session with me, I’d been telling him to buy some exercise clothes so he would feel better during the workouts and to look the part.  So he shows up one day with his shirt on inside out and his gym shorts on with the boxer brief on the outside of the shorts! I didn’t say a thing at first, we did some cardio and I kept asking him how things felt, then we walked over to the weights section and its of course full of mirrors and again I asked him, "everything good, how you liking your new workout clothes?"  Finally he notices that he has his stuff on backwards...I just stood there and laughed!

What do you enjoy most about working with clients?

Seeing people change and be challenged is the most rewarding experience.  So many people are afraid of failing at something that they never even try.  Getting a client to come out of their comfort zone and push themselves and succeed is the best.  It keeps you coming back for more as a trainer and strengthens the relationship that person develops with health and fitness. Seeing people change and be challenged is the most rewarding experience.

What is the most challenging part of being a personal trainer?

Getting people started along on their journey.  For exercise professionals its easy, we commit right away because it's a passion of ours, but of the non exerciser, its a struggle.

Explaining the why and how for someone to reach their health and fitness goals and then getting them to commit is a real challenge. Oh and then don’t really teach you about this in school, everyone is different, so you have to blend your approach to each individual.

You've been with Trainiac since the beginning and seen it progress. What are you most excited for when it comes to the future and evolution of app and it's features?

Trainiac has grown so much over this past year.  The app continues to evolve into the best mobile training solution out there.  I am most excited about the tools we have been working on for the Training team to better interact with their clients.  It truly is a personal trainer in your pocket for the client and a full client management tool for the trainer!

What sets Trainiac apart from other training apps and programs you've used?

The User Interface on Trainiac is very unique and demonstrates a professional experience for the Trainer as well as content being delivered to clients.  Long gone are YouTube demo clips and stick figures. Having a consistent professional interface is where Trainiac sets itself apart from others in the app world. Trainiac also has some robust programming tools working in the background to capture client feedback and help guide the program creation for the Trainer, ultimately streamlining the Trainers user management requirements.

You mentioned you were training for a Zion 100 mile race. Tell us a more about that - When is the race? How are you preparing? Have you ever done anything like this before?

Zion 100 mi trail race will be my 5th ultra running race, and hopefully my 4th 100mi finish in a row.  The 100 mi experience is like nothing else out there, it sucks most of the time and is really fun about a quarter of the time, but its the struggle that pushes you along.  

Race day is April 20th 2018 and I am shooting for an under 30hr time goal. Preparing for a early season 100 race is tough living in a mountain town where I still have some snow on the trails.  I have focused my training on consistency and logging whatever “activity” I can to build my fitness. I get in three days of running, 2 TRX strength workouts, a few cycling sessions and a Trainiac session when I can’t get outside.  I also spent the winter doing a fair amount of backcountry touring and skate skiing so my fitness feels good leading into race day.

Really the whole 100mi experience is a huge mental test, with 3 straight 100mi finishes and knowing what to expect, I feel like the mental uncertainties are not a limiter as much as they have been in the past.  I have a strong support system at home with my wife and two kids, so knowing what they have to endure while I train for racing, often leaves me little options, but to finish what I started.