Trainer Spotlight: Morgan Manion

March 27, 2018

Morgan is a 26 year-old certified personal trainer and entrepreneur to her core. Morgan ran a small group fitness studio for two years before deciding to focus on personal training and one-on-one nutrition. Her bucket list items include traveling to Italy, Paris, Greece, Fuji and Dubai.

What do you love about personal training?

I love everything about personal training because it is just that - personal to the client. Each of us are so different and unique. I love the way it feels to be fit and teaching others how good it feels!

Tell us one fun fact about yourself?

I am obsessed with anything about true crime, murder and investigations. I listen to podcasts and audio books all the time as a huge part of my day.

How long have you been using Trainiac?

I have been working with Trainiac since June of 2017.  

How do you use Trainiac?

I use Trainiac for programming and communicating with subscribed and free trial clients. It's also been a great tool for tracking clients' workouts and sending videos.

What do you enjoy about Trainiac?

I enjoy the easy set up for programming workouts. I also enjoy the ease of communicating with clients through the video and message thread. The exercises always keep my mind fresh as a trainer as well. I feel its made me more marketable as a trainer. It’s been nice to be part of the new way of training remotely, and I’ve been honored to be with Trainiac from the beginning to see it grow and evolve.

How has Trainiac made your life easier?

It has made managing clients in one space easier.

Do you have any favorite features of Trainiac that you love?

I love the ability to go in and tailor workouts specifically to clients. I also love the new and added features of the workouts such as HIIT, circuits, and adding in the weighted workouts. I enjoy seeing when my clients complete their workouts as well.

How has Trainiac complimented your existing personal training business?

I find it useful because it is an outlet and alternative to training in-person. I feel it has made me more marketable as a trainer. It's been nice to be part of the new way of training remotely. I’ve been honored to be with Trainiac from the beginning to see it grow and evolve.

Would you recommend Trainiac to other personal trainers?

Yes, I recently did!

Anything else you would like to add about the app, features, company, etc?

Keep doing what you’re doing. You guys do a wonderful job and the support and open communication is truly wonderful and helpful as a professional.