60 days. A custom fitness plan. Daily workouts. A certified personal trainer in your pocket... Your best you.


Are you ready to jumpstart your fitness and get in shape? Do you need some help along the way?

If this sounds like you I've got a plan that meets you where you are and takes you where you want to be. With the help of online personal trainers you'll FINALLY have a plan that works for your life getting you real results. Get Started

“I’ve partnered with Trainiac because I have a love for helping others get into the BEST shape they can. Our trainers provide the best support system and know exactly how to help YOU! Everything is customized from your first workout to your end goal!"


What to expect

Transform Yourself In 60 Days
You can expect to be active throughout the 60 days on Mission60. Your trainer will make sure you're steadily progressing each week.

Build A Habit of Fitness
We understand you only feel as good in your skin as you do in your head. Your trainer will help ignite your passion for fitness and make exercise feel like less of a chore.

Push Ahead With Your Mission60 Coach
When you sign up, you’ll pick a trainer to work one-on-one with. Your trainer will make sure you stay on track and guide you every step of the way.

A Completely Personalized Fitness Plan
Every Sunday, your trainer updates your plan based on your schedule and progress. They’ll include activities you enjoy along with guided Trainiac workouts.

See Noticeable Change in 8 Weeks
To know how far you’ve come, you need to know where you started. With built-in progress tracking you’ll quickly begin see your hard work pay off.

Getting Started

Download App

Go to the App Store and Download the Trainiac app. (Available for iPhone only)

Take Survey

Answer a quick questionnaire to inform your personalized fitness plan.

Pick Your Trainer

Pick your favorite certified trainer to work with. They'll coach you throughout your journey.


Totally personal.
Seriously Affordable.

$99.99/ mo.

Compare with the average cost of traditional personal training at $460 - $840 per month. (Source: 24hr Fitness, Equinox, Anytime Fitness, LA Fitness)

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What people are saying about Trainiac

I love the flexibility it gives me. I have a hectic work schedule, so it allows me to work out at any point of the day or night while not being confined to a studio class schedule. I enjoy the relationship I have formed with my trainer and feel that she really knows me and what my goals are.

- Erin C.

I am so much stronger and when I work through my exercise routines I realize how far I have come! I have more endurance and strength and I am proud of my improvement.  I still have a long road ahead, but I know that I can do this with my Trainiac trainer who encourages and challenges me every week.

- Denise B.

As a busy young professional, with a schedule that varies weekly with work, friends, and travel, Trainiac is the best thing I’ve come across in a long time. Each week my trainer checks in to gauge my progress, my schedule, and even suggests meals to accompany the physical workload. The encouragement & accountability makes the platform infinitely better than free "design-it-yourself" apps.

- Peter M.

I started my fitness journey in May with Trainiac, which was one of the best decisions I have made in my life so far. My health has gotten better and I’ve found something I truly love to do. I am able to motivate myself and others. This isn’t just a phase, it’s a lifetime!

- Natasha M.

Over the years, I’ve tried just about everything: gym memberships, at home programs, personal trainers, workout classes, apps, you name it. And while there were aspects of each that I liked, I could never find the right combination of flexibility and accountability until Trainiac. I’m not exaggerating when I say Trainiac has completely transformed the way I work out. Now I can’t imagine working out any other way!

- Sara S.

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