Building the future of fitness with a platform that gives you the most effective personal training in your own space on your own time.

We believe in the power of fitness. We have seen fitness positively impact the body and soul. It's why we are dedicated and passionate about our mission - to make an exercising a part of everyone's lifestyle.

We believe in the magic of real human relationships. It's why we've built Trainiac to enable an authentic relationship between you and your trainer. Working one-on-one with an expert is the most effective way to start and stick to a regular workout routine. Our data and external research has supported this. Your trainer will provide you with the right workouts, the motivation to get it done, and the accountability to get you past the struggle.

We believe that fitness can be done anywhere, at any time. We understand that life is busy, complicated, and unpredictable. Fitness should not be. Fitness is not an on-again-off-again chore, it's a lifestyle and a habit. It's why we've built Trainiac so you can work out anywhere - in your living room, at your favorite gym, in your hotel room, or at the neighborhood park. With your trainer by your side, anywhere you work out, suddenly becomes your gym.

We believe in world class quality. The best trainers work with us, and we personally train each of them to be effective online personal trainers. Anyone you want to work with on Trainiac will be certified and have the expertise to get you to your goals.

We believe in breaking norms. Trainiac is a new way to train. One that breaks down the four walls of a gym, makes anywhere your gym, and fits fitness seamlessly into your life. With an expert by your side, you're guaranteed to get the results, and keep them. Trainiac is, finally, fitness on your terms.

We believe you can re-invent yourself. Whenever you're ready to take the journey to an active and healthy life, we'll be ready to help you get there.