We believe fitness sets the foundation for a fulfilling life. We’re here to help people feel good — for good — by simplifying exercise for everyone.

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To get consistent, fitness has to fit your life. We give you a personal trainer in the palm of your hands and custom workouts you can do in your own space on your own time.

What We Do For Clients

Trainiac helps you get fit without you having to figure out how.

We’re the leading individualized fitness platform that connects people like you with a vetted, certified personal trainer for virtual one-on-one coaching, custom weekly workouts, and comprehensive progress tracking so you can develop an effective routine that fits your lifestyle and fuels you with the vitality required to conquer your ambitions.

What We Do For Trainers

We partner with highly-qualified and nationally-certified personal trainers at the top of their field, and provide them with the tools, methods, and ongoing training that enables them to coach anyone at any time so they can maximize their positive impact on the lives of others and increase their influence as trusted healthcare professionals.

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What We Believe

We want it to be easier for people to make fitness foundational to their lifestyle. That’s why we give you a dedicated coach and a personalized, practical plan.

Fitness shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all.

When it comes to developing an effective habit of fitness that lasts, we’ve found that guidance, support, and accountability from a qualified healthcare professional is absolutely essential. That’s why we set out to make individualized fitness more accessible and affordable to more people.

With Trainiac, you get 100% personalized guidance and accountability from a certified personal trainer with all the flexibility of solo workouts you can do anytime, anywhere.

Fitness is about feeling good for good.

Habitual exercise is a vital component of comprehensive self-care that we all have to practice consistently if we want to gain control over lives. The alternative means preventable ailments and chronic conditions prevail, dictating our potential while diminishing our overall quality of life.

Sticking to a routine is challenging for many, though, largely in part because we’ve been conditioned to believe fitness is something we only need to do for 30 days before bikini season. That we can shed pounds, gain muscle, and transform our bodies in unrealistic ways and in delusory timeframes. 

Getting fit shouldn’t be a fad: it’s about getting and staying active so we feel more alive. A certified personal trainer doesn't just tell you how many reps to do: they educate to help you unlearn bad habits and reset lofty expectations created by widespread misinformation and quick-fix marketing schemes.

Fitness fuels your life only if it fits your life.

It has been scientifically proven that physical activity helps prevent and treat many medical conditions while gifting us deeper sleep, a sharper mind, a better mood, increased daily energy, and unlimited potential to thrive. 

But using fitness for everyday fuel and gaining control over how you feel requires your workout routine to be practical, balanced, safe, effective, sustainable, and rewarding so that exercise can pass the threshold between being a chore and becoming a habit. 

That's exactly why partnering with a certified personal trainer is so essential. They specialize in prescribing an individualized exercise plan that you can start immediately and maintain indefinitely because it’s unique to your goals, schedule, lifestyle, abilities, environment, available equipment, personality, and learning style.