About Us

To get consistent, fitness has to fit your life. We give you a personal trainer in the palm of your hands and custom workouts you can do in your own space on your own time.

What we do for clients

Trainiac helps you get fit without you having to figure out how.

We’re the leading individualized fitness platform that connects people like you with a vetted, certified personal trainer for virtual one-on-one coaching, custom weekly workouts, and comprehensive progress tracking so you can develop an effective routine that fits your lifestyle and fuels you with the vitality required to conquer your ambitions.

What we do for trainers

We partner with highly-qualified and nationally-certified personal trainers at the top of their field, and provide them with the tools, methods, and ongoing training that enables them to coach anyone at any time so they can maximize their positive impact on the lives of others and increase their influence as trusted healthcare professionals.

Are you an experienced trainer looking to expand your reach? Apply to become a Trainiac trainer here.

Why we do what we do

We don't like that personal fitness has become so hard to figure out, much less maintain.

We don’t like that routine exercise is often times only something we do when we receive bad news from the doctor versus a practice that can prevent us from going there in the first place.

We don’t like that widespread misinformation, quick-fix marketing schemes, and Instagram-famous fitness models have diluted the credibility of legitimate personal trainers, making it harder for them to serve those in desperate need of their expertise.

And it breaks our hearts that, as a result, so much of the US adult population is unnecessarily (and often unknowingly) suffering from preventable chronic conditions because we sit too much and move too little. 

This is why we wake up and come to work everyday. 

We want to help as many people as possible live their only life feeling more alive

And that’s why we’re on a mission to integrate effective and sustainable exercise into everyone’s life by making individualized fitness coaching more accessible and cost-effective for all.

Want to learn more? Get to know our team and a few of our lead personal trainers over here.