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Pick a trainer

Select a certified personal trainer to work with over the Trainaic app. View trainers

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Chat with your trainer

Your trainer has your back! Chat with them over video, text, and audio messaging for form correction, fitness tips, nutrition, and motivation.  

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Make a plan

Work with your trainer to build a plan that works for your lifestyle and schedule. 

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Track your progress

Stay on track with our progress tracking dashboard (coming soon). Watch yourself grow in fitness as you get stronger and build endurance. 

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Get moving

Get moving with custom designed workouts directly from your personal trainer. 

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Hit your goals

Working with a trainer is the best way to achieve your fitness goals. We've got everything you need and will stick with you until you're proud!



What you get

As a Trainiac member you also have access to a huge library of high quality videos that include weighted and unweighted workouts you can do anywhere on your iPhone. 

 Workout in the comfort of your home.
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High quality workout videos

Our high definition video content will get you pumped! Airplay to your Apple TV for an even more immersive workout experience. 

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HIIT workouts for getting lean + Weighted workouts for gaining strength

Whatever your goal, we got you.

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Workout with or without equipment

  • Barbell

  • Dumbbell

  • Kettlebell

  • Resistance bands

  • Jumprope

  • Pull up bar

  • Yoga ball

  • Squat rack

  • Body-weight-only calisthenics exercises




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Trainiac Experience

Get full access to the Trainiac Personal Training app during your free trial. 

  •  Accountability + Motivation
  • Custom built workouts

  • Progress tracking
  • Full App Support
  • Workouts you can do anytime, anywhere
  • Unlimited messaging with your trainer
  • 100's of high quality exercise videos to reference
  • Available for iPhone users