A Holistic Fitness Journey: Trainiac’s Integration with Apple Health

January 5, 2020
Train with us!
Train with us!

Health and fitness data has incredible potential. It can give you a better understanding of your habits, lifestyle, daily activities, and more. However, with all this data available, it often requires an expert to make sense of it all. 

With Apple Health integrated directly into Trainiac, your trainer can generate new insights around your health and fitness. Bringing your workouts, activities, and health data together helps your trainer deliver a more holistic fitness experience for you.

Once connected with Apple Health through Trainiac Intake Form, or Trainiac Settings, you’ll find the following data integrations for your trainer to create personal insights from: 

  1. Your steps and weight data
  2. Your fitness activities with other apps that push to Apple Health
  3. Your heart rate and HRV (coming soon)

Step and Weight Tracking

Every effort you put into being active takes you a step closer to your fitness goals. Some days are active with long walks rather than workouts, and that counts and takes you towards your goals. It also helps your trainer understand your day to day activity, so they can further customize your plan. 

This means:

• If you own a smart scale that logs your weight in Apple Health, your weight will automatically update in Trainiac.

• If you have step tracking enabled on your iPhone, or own another step tracker that logs into Apple health, your steps will integrate into Trainiac. 

• Workouts you complete in Trainiac are logged into Apple Health

Fitness Activity Sync

It’s all a part of a plan! A holistic view of your fitness world helps your trainer optimize workouts, plan activities, and better allocate rest and recovery time. Any workouts or fitness activities that get logged into Apple Health will automatically get imported into Trainiac to share with your trainer.

This means:

• If use a running app that syncs with Apple Health, your distance, calories, and time will be recorded as an Activity in Trainiac.

• If you own a Peloton bike and complete a cycling workout, it will get recorded in Trainiac.

• If you use an Apple Watch and complete a workout using it, it will log it as an activity.

Heart Rate

Your heart rate is worth a thousand words. It's a fingerprint to your intensity, recovery, and progress. With our latest update, heart rate data gathered from your Apple Watch or Apple Health supported wearable device will be integrated into Trainiac! Your heart rate data gives your trainer insights into your workout, tracks your average heart rate range over time, and brings adjustments to your program accordingly. It's an incredible tool for both you and your trainer.

This means:

- Real time heart rate: when you start a workout, you can turn on an Apple Watch workout on your watch to start tracking your heart rate. On Trainiac workouts, you can view your real time beats per minute during your workout. Any workout or activity during which you are tracking your heart rate will automatically be imported for you in Trainiac. 

- Average heart rate: In your progress tab, you can track your daily average heart rate range over the past month. 

- Heart rate variability: In your progress tab, you can track your heart rate variability (HRV) over the past month (coming soon!). 

What if my device does not integrate with Apple Health? 

You may own a device that does not integrate with Apple Health, for example a Fitbit. At current release, we only integrate with devices that sync with Apple Health, including Apple Watch, Garmin devices, Polar heart monitors, and many more. 

To have your Apple Health data integrate with Trainiac, enable Health Sync permissions from the settings in Trainiac. For any questions or requests, please reach out to hello@trainiac.fit.

Train with us!Train with us!