The 10 Best Online Personal Trainers You Can Hire Today

January 4, 2021
Train with us!
Train with us!

1-on-1 Online Personal Training is the latest, most flexible way to get into a fitness routine that lasts; on your own time, in your own place. There are many options out there, but we find it important to work directly with a real, nationally certified trainer who designs custom workouts for the most effective workout possible, and keeps you motivated and accountable.

The key to having success with a trainer online is consistent communication through video messages, text, or audio. With these tools you can get the benefits of working with an expert with the convenience of an at-home or in-gym workout — the best of both worlds.

This list of highly qualified and certified trainers that you work with for 1-on-1 fitness coaching is made up of our top online personal trainers.

Top 10 Best Online Personal Trainers and Fitness Coaches

Ben Palocko

Cleveland, Ohio

Certifications: MEd, B.S., ACSM, EP-c

Specializations: body transformations (muscle building), body transformations (weight loss), competitive physique athletes

Ben accidentally found fitness when a hockey coach told him that he needed to get bigger and stronger to make the team. Fascinated by how the body works and motivated to become a more muscled and confident version of himself, Ben spent 6 years in school studying exercise physiology and nutrition to figure out the real facts and methods. Working with Ben means no more endless Googling and wasting money, just to move at a snail’s pace. When you work with Ben, you get a straightforward approach based on scientifically proven methods that will guide you to your ideal self and body you want.


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Stephen Foster

Mount Vernon, Washington

Certifications: NSCA-CSCS, XPS

Specializations: functional strength development, weight loss, sports performance, muscle building

Stephen believes that we all have a purpose and that his is to help people feel their very best. When asked why he decided to become a personal trainer, Foster responded, “I always feel my best after a hard workout. It wasn’t that way when I first started, but I want people to experience that same feeling of gratification after really pushing themselves.” As a strength and conditioning coach, and performance specialist, Stephen uses his experience and education to help individuals find their success through functional strength development. Foster’s possess a unique skillset, with experiences ranging from exercise prescription in a clinical setting, to athlete development in sports performance. “Every individual is different and has their own needs.” said Foster. “No matter where they are in their fitness journey. I create programs to suit those needs with the individual’s goals in mind. I love creating connections and seeing people find their drive and motivation to reach their goals.”


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Hilary McClung

Durham, North Carolina

Certifications: ACSM, NASM, ACE

Specializations: weight loss, strength training, fitness rehab, functional training, core strengthening, cardiovascular training

Hilary has always loved exercise and movement in general. Hilary was inspired by her mother who at age 40 changed her career path and found a passion for fitness. She pursued a bachelor's and then a master's in Exercise Science with the goal in mind to find a way to share my love for exercise with others. Hilary saw so many people viewing exercise as a chore and wanted to change that, to make it fun and something to look forward to.

Hilary believes exercise should be enjoyable and challenging in a good way. It should be a permanent part of your daily routine just like brushing your teeth. Exercise not only improves your body but also your mind making it all that more important. I want to help others find their own passion for exercise in a customized, safe and effective way.

When you train with Hilary you will get a positive and fun energy. Her goal is to help you find the joys in exercise and to make it a lifelong daily habit. She will listen to your goals and needs and then guide you, challenge you and cheer you on every step of the way.


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A.J. Nunziato

Oakdale, New York

Certifications: CSCS, PA-C

Specializations: weight loss, strength gain, advance physical therapy, sports specific training, speed & agility

AJ is recognized as an expert in the field of athletic performance and general fitness group training. He holds a bachelors degree in Exercise Science Kinesiology, has worked as a physical therapy aide and in athletic performance.

AJ is a former Division II athlete who went on to play professional baseball in Pittsburgh. As a former athlete, AJ possess a valuable dual perspective. He has an expertise in understanding the mechanism of injuries suffered by athletes and is well trained in preventing, as well as diagnosing, assessing, and treating musculoskeletal injuries.  AJ has a true passion for helping adults and athletes reach their health, wellness, performance goals and enjoys giving them the fitness and nutritional guidance that they require to achieve success.

Overall AJ is a well rounded trainer who has earned the trust of coaches and parents of athletes when building athletic programming.  


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Andi Nguyen

Seattle, Washington

Certifications: NASM, Schwinn, Lagree

Specializations: group fitness, bodyweight training, core strength, swim coaching

Andi’s health and fitness philosophy revolves around doing what makes you mentally and physically happy. She believes in challenging you to help you pursue the things you love outside of the gym and achieve better overall health. Andi has worked with a wide range of clients from new moms, busy professionals, teens, adults, and special needs kids. Through her own journey with injuries, rapid weight loss/gain, struggle with body dysmorphia, stress management, cross training and fitness instruction, she wants to help you find the right balance in order to create healthy and sustainable habits. Nowadays Andi spends her personal time learning about training the body and mind, functional movement to improve her abilities in the backcountry, mountaineering, competing in triathlons, and everything in between.  


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Jackie Elming

Auberry, California

Certifications: ACE

Specializations: high intensity interval training, core strength, glute building

Jackie, at her core, is a lover of everything fitness. When she’s not outside playing in nature or getting a sweat on, you can find her in the kitchen experimenting with whole foods and nourishing ingredients to create delicious and soul-warming dishes! Jackie is a firm believer in living a holistic lifestyle by practicing mindfulness and eating clean foods. It is her passion to help others tap into their true self and realize they are unbreakable!


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Max Oldani

St. Louis, Missouri

Certifications: ACSM-EP, PN1, M.P.H Health Promotion and Policy, B.Sc. Nutritional Sciences

Specializations: Mental Health | Fat Loss | Muscle Building | Strength Training | Nutrition & Meal Planning

When you train with Max, you can expect to not only reach your fitness goals, but to become a happier human being through his nutritional guidance and mindfulness tactics. It’s not just about how you treat your body, but how you take care of your mind as well.

From an early age he could be found devoting countless hours learning from bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger and implementing what he learned in the weight room. It was a form of escape for and helped deal with anxiety and mental health issues growing up.

Max is passionate about natural methods for beating anxiety and harnessing the amazing potential of the human brain. He engages in daily mindfulness and mindset tactics to deepen his relationship with himself and others. With Max, exercise IS medicine and with the combination of proper nutrition and a steadfast mindset, he believes you can live your healthiest life, always.


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Geoff Tripp

Winthrop, Washington

Certifications: NSCA, CSCA, CPT, ACSM, EP-C, TRX

Specializations: weight loss, core strength, muscle building, distance running

Geoff has a passion for exercise and health. Geoff has a B.S. in Exercise Science and Sport Psychology as well as numerous top tier strength and conditioning certifications. He’s spent well over a decade helping others improve their lives by being active and leading a healthy lifestyle.  He spends his personal time training for and competing in ultra distance events from 100+ mile trail ultra marathons to Ironman triathlons and pretty much anything in between.  When not training he stays active by spending time with his wife and two kids.


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Katherine Brumwell

Lawrence, Kansas

Certifications: NASM, NSCA, Sports Conditioning Specialist, Theraputic Exercise Specialist

Specializations: nutrition, muscle building, strength training, low back health & rehab

Growing up, Katherine experimented with various physical activities such as dancing, fencing, and long-distance running. While she enjoyed these activities, she still mostly viewed exercise as a way to lose weight. Over time, she became more and more concerned with her weight. Katherine was always convinced she needed to be smaller and lighter. She eventually realized this obsession with my weight was unhealthy. That’s when she was introduced to weight lifting. Katherine quickly fell in love with lifting. Instead of trying to make herself smaller, she was building her body up and celebrating what it could do. Over the next few years, she started lifting seriously and eating for performance. From the time she started weight lifting until now, she has gained over 30lbs and made some serious strength gains.

Katherine enjoys helping clients reach a variety of goals, but she's particularly passionate about introducing other women to weight training. Her favorite part of being a personal trainer is watching  female clients gain confidence in themselves and their abilities through training with weights. It's wonderful to see how their focus shifts from building the "perfect" body, to loving the one they have.

No matter what level you are at now, Katherine can help you safely progress to where you want to be.


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Brenden Ostaszewski

Woodstock, Connecticut

Certifications: NSCA, CSCS

Specializations: strength & conditioning, performance enhancement, resistance training, weight loss, muscle building

Brenden's appreciation for fitness started with his involvement in sports at a young age. He grew up playing a variety of sports, but really didn’t implement a resistance training component into his routine until I was late into high-school and early into college. In the past, he would just play and train for the sport. His skills improved, but he was undersized and his competitors started to get much stronger than him and he would get pushed around on the court. Fortunately, Brenden was able to play collegiate basketball for a year but he knew something was missing. Then, he went on to study Exercise and Sport Science and grew a fascination regarding the adaptations that occur with training. After learning about the adaptation that occurs with training, he gained over 25 pounds of lean muscle mass. To this day, he still enjoys learning about training and sharing information with others.

His approach to training is to get to know the individual and progressively individualize one’s routine in order to reach one’s fitness goal(s).

When you train with Brenden, you can expect consistency, accountability, and progression. He will communicate with you on a regular basis to make sure that you are accountable for your training.


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Maximizing Success With Online Personal Training

With online personal training, you get a workout program tailored to you at an affordable price, world class expertise at your fingertips, and have the convenience and capability of taking control of your own fitness—and succeeding at building a long term habit that yields real results. With a professional on your side, you are able to sort through the momentary fitness fads and trendy online creations and pick out the science that really works.

Access to so much information that is so easily published and reachable can be a bad thing. When it comes to information about health and fitness on the internet today, it‘s definitely hard to tell what is real. A personal trainer can help blur out the background and help the really important information stand out that is customized to your fitness journey. Wouldn‘t you want to put your health in the hands of a professional?

Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Personal Training

Should you hire an online personal trainer?

If you‘re looking for an affordable way to get fit and healthy, as well as have a convenient workout schedule at a click‘s notice, online personal training is for you. Online fitness coaching is fantastic for people of all fitness levels, backgrounds, and who have all kinds of goals.

Will an online personal trainer help me lose weight?

If one of your goals is to lose weight, having an expert in your corner that has the expertise and knowledge to get you there can be extremely effective. Handling weight-loss on your own can be frustrating and dangerous, but hiring a personal trainer can help you lose the weight—and keep it off in a safe way.

Is online fitness coaching effective?

Absolutely. Although it is an emerging trend at the moment, online fitness coaching is not simply another health fad. We are only beginning to realize the vast benefits online coaching offers as more and more people transition their workouts online.

Does online personal training work?

If you are a skeptic of this new method of personal training, just know this: with online personal training, you will have access to a certified expert, building a customized program just for you. This trainer will be with you, coaching you every step of the way—who wouldn‘t want that?

How do I find an online personal trainer?

You can easily scroll back up, close your eyes, and choose whichever trainer your eyes land on. Any of our trainers on this list can help you on your fitness journey. A match made in personal training heaven.

What is virtual personal training?

We want to show you how to utilize technology for good. Working digitally with a real personal trainer can be that gateway to a real-life relationship using a virtual medium to bring you convenience and effectivity, all online.

Why should I try online personal training?

Not only is having a personal trainer online play to a convenience factor, having an expert a phone call, text or video chat away is a fast and effective way to help reach your goals.

How much is online personal training?

It varies and depends on how often or how deeply they get involved in your fitness journey.

What are the benefits of online personal training and fitness coaching?

With customized workouts that are tailored to your fitness goals and needs from a trainer that you‘ve hand-selected, success isn‘t just in your immediate future—it‘s inevitable. Online personal training and fitness coaching offers you a convenient, affordable, and accountable way of tackling those fitness and health goals.

Choosing The Best Online Personal Trainer For You

Certain things that you should take into consideration are:

  • Certifications: What sort of prior training does the trainer have? There are multiple different licenses, certifications, and degrees you can have to be certified as a personal trainer.
  • Specializations: You might have some sort of injury that you have to work around or if you are part of a specific population, a personal trainer that is learned in a specialization can help. Especially if you need a customized workout plan, getting a trainer that is specialized in your specific needs can make the partnership a lot easier.
  • Personality: Although the trainer might be completely qualified for the job at hand, your trainer‘s personality actually can make a huge difference in your fitness journey. You might have the best trainer in the world but if you don‘t vibe with him or her, it simply won‘t work out (literally).
  • Communication: One thing that really sets an online trainer apart from a traditional, in-the-gym trainer is the fact that in most cases, an online trainer can be reached much easier than a traditional one. With apps like Trainiac, you can order a package where you have unlimited access to your trainer whenever you need them. However, if that‘s not so important you, this might not mean much. Communication inside the gym and relaying your goals and feelings during a workout may mean more to you.
  • Trust: You‘re taking control of your life, your fitness, and your health. Hiring the best online fitness coach and trainer is sharing that responsibility and trusting someone to guide you through your journey. Do you trust that this is the right trainer?

To help with choosing the best online personal trainer for you, reach out to several trainers when trying to find an online fitness coach.

After you reach out, see how they respond to you. Your initial reaction and impression of the trainer can help dictate or you see how the relationship is going to go.

The Best Online Personal Trainer App

With so many fitness apps out there, how do you know which is best for you?

A word of caution—some apps claim to offer personal training", however, many of these are pre-made, cookie-cutter programs that are applicable to the general population and not personally tailored to your fitness journey.

Trainiac Personal Training

As a market leading 1-on-1 online personal training service, Trainiac trainers are highly-qualified, nationally certified, and experts in training online. Offering a customized workout plan for you and only you, you‘ll have the opportunity to work with a personal trainer on your own time. With organization, communication, and assessment all done in one place, Trainiac also offers the simplicity of having everything you need in one place. You can try it out for yourself, risk free for the first month.

Train with us!Train with us!