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We believe the secret to a world-class functioning team is a focus on employee wellness. Trainiac helps teams build a habit of staying active regularly, from anywhere in the world. 

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How We Do It

The first step is to work with an expert and build consistency. Trainiac provides individualized weekly workouts and 1-on-1 coaching from a certified personal trainer — all on your iPhone.

A Holistic Fitness Solution


Your weekly plan includes balanced custom workouts built by your trainer, and includes physical activities and sports you already enjoy.


Your trainer builds you custom, on-demand video workouts for your fitness level and goals that you can do anywhere, at anytime - home, gym, or the road.


When you’re accountable to someone other than yourself and get expert advice specifically for you, you’re far more likely to build out a long-term routine.

An Apple-featured premium app experience

Trainiac has been featured in numerous publications and by Apple in the App Store. We're constantly building new tools and experiences to bring structure, show progress, and deliver results.

Trainiac Client Success

Of clients have established a fitness habit and work out 3 or more times a week for at least 30 minutes each.

Of clients rate their trainer 5 out of 5 for their personalization, accountability, and impact.

Unique styles of workouts available for all Trainiac clients to choose from and grow with.

"Physical fitness is more important now than ever before as employees grapple with how to start or continue to train while they work remotely.”

- Jonathan Wall | Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at PrismHR

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Are there discounts for teams? 

Yes! We provide team wide pricing off our $99.99/mo consumer pricing. Contact us for more details.

Do I get to see metrics? 

Yes! Trainiac will provide monthly dashboards for monitoring usage and analytics.

How is billing done? 

We support a variety of options, including enabling corporations to subsidize a portion or all of the membership fees.

How long is the setup process? 

We’ve made it super simple to get you going once you’ve committed to your employees wellness. Within days, you’ll get personalized entry points, customer service, launch collateral, and live demos included in your plan. 

Who trains the employees? 

We have a rigorous interview and training process, as well as as educational and national certification requirements for all our phenomenal personal trainers. Rest assured, your employees are in good hands with an expert professional. See more in our how it works page. 

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