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Get started on your fitness journey with a personal trainer in your corner

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Working 1-on-1 with an expert is the most effective way to build a long term habit of fitness. It takes a consistent, customized routine to get you to the goals and health outcomes you deserve.

1. Select Your Trainer

Based on some initial information we’ll propose a set of trainers for you to work with. Pick a trainer whose personality speaks to you! Your trainer will be your dedicated 1-on-1 coach. 

Select Your Trainer
Get connected 1-on-1
Communicate over video, audio, and text messaging

2. Get Set Up

You’ll want to get both your trainer, and yourself ready to start training. The more your trainer knows the better - your fitness background, goals, setup, constraints, likes and dislikes, etc. Prepare your workout space(s), and prepare your mind!

Complete your assessment workouts. 
Go through the intake questions and schedule a call. 
Setup your workout space and mind.

3. Get Your Plan

The first foundational step in your training is to establish your routine-based, and this is rooted in your custom plan. Your plan will ensure a balance of strength, cardio, and mobility across all your fitness activities so you can train safely and effectively.

Get a custom plan for your goal and level
Build a balanced routine with strength, cardio, and mobility.
Personalized for your space(s), equipment, and schedule.

4. Get Moving

Each week, your trainer will send you your workouts and schedule. Trainiac supports a wide variety of workout options that will be incorporated - on-demand custom HIIT workouts, on-demand custom weightlifting workouts, daily Live Group Training sessions, and integrated fitness activity logging. Your trainer will adapt your workouts as you train and as your schedule changes, while keeping you accountable and engaged along the way. 

Get weekly workouts for your schedule
Complete custom HIIT and/or Weightlifting workouts in on-demand video
Attend daily Live Group Training sessions with real-time form feedback

5. Track Progress

As you train, you’ll not only see your physical stats improve, but also start to feel more energized, focused, and happy. Connect your Apple Health and Watch to provide your trainer with additional information for insight & customization of your workouts. Each month, you’ll receive a check-in to celebrate your success and suggest changes.

Track your consistency, health, and qualitative stats
Connect with Apple Watch for heart rate tracking
Connect with Health to fold in 50+ apps into your training

6. Expand Your Skillset

Variety and growth keeps you challenged and motivated! Learn and try something new, become a master, and build knowledge to manage aches and injuries while learning about how your body moves and flows. 

Learn new exercises and workout styles
Learn to manage aches and injuries
Master your desired skills: nutrition, yoga, weightlifting, etc.

Start Your Training

Looking for expert help on building and sticking to an effective fitness routine? Get Trainiac and start working with a nationally certified trainer today.